Our Mission

The Rugby Canada Alumni Network is a group of current and former National Team players aimed to progress the career development of all members and strengthen the bond between former  players and current ones. Connecting the generations of Rugby Canada athletes helps grow members and the rugby community as a whole.

By joining all Rugby Canada representatives in a united group, we can promote career development of players, offer support groups, and grow fundraising initiatives. Encouraging the advancement of rugby in Canada is the goal and a well integrated alumni base is how we get there.

 The rugby community is a major reason as to why I fell in love with this sport and I certainly wouldn’t still be playing today if it wasn’t for key members of this community volunteering their time and resources to ensure I could continue to fulfill my dreams of representing Canada doing what I love.  The addition of this Rugby Canada Alumni Network that has been established by players for players will surely only strengthen the rugby community within Canada.  I have been lucky enough to be one of the first to test out the network and have been paired with a mentee that has already accomplished many of my goals within the sport and has successfully transitioned into a thriving real estate career in Vancouver.  I look forward to updating and learning more from my mentor as well as exploring different mentors and career paths!

Phil Berna

Senior Men's National 7's Player