A healthy mind is a healthy body

Being an elite Rugby player on the field takes a serious toll on your body both physically and mentally. It is vital for all athletes to keep their bodies healthy and take care of their mental health. We are working towards providing an extensive network of holistic resources for players to access. By keeping your entire body at peak performance, the results will show off the field.

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Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone about anything that is bothering you. Connect with a life coach either anonymously or not and feel free to get anything off of your chest. Life coaching helps you identify and work towards your goals. They encourage and counsel clients to achieve the outcomes that you want in your life. Maximize your full potential by connecting with a life coach today!

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Calum Ramsay

3 circle coaching uses Intelligence, Integrity and Integration to increase your self-awareness and make decisions in alignment with who you are at your core. Work. Relationships. Uncertainty. Sometimes you’ve just got to grapple with it. Connect with Calum at 3 circle coaching to help grow resilience in work, relationships and self. 

The first session is free and supplementary sessions are offered at a discounted rate. 

“Calum has a special way of connecting with people and helping them to develop a better grasp of their experience.  Through the years of work he has committed to explore himself, he has developed a special ability to facilitate reflection in others to promote their growth.  He is exceptionally devoted to his work.  He is honest, kind and nonjudgemental.  While his work requires an approach to the abstract and the contemplative, he remains down-to-earth.  I can’t think of a better person to be in this coaching role.”

– Sean Duke

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If you are interested in offering any mental health services for Rugby Canada’s athletes please reach out directly to the RCAN Team.