Kickstart Your Career

While in the competitive environment of the National team, it is easy to forget about looking forward into your career post-competition. RCAN is committed to helping athletes explore their interests beyond rugby and provide career insight and opportunities in advance of retirement from Rugby. Providing a variety professional development, personal growth, and networking opportunities will help athletes uncover what they are capable of and help solidify the type of future they want to create for themselves.


RCAN is committed to providing Seminars to specifically to demonstrate how athletes can use their skill set beyond the confines of the training environment. These webinars are led by industry leading rugby alumni and supporters in topics that range from skill development to industry insight and everything in between.


We know that your rugby resume is unparalleled but taking the steps now to improve your work resume will help the transition to post-competition life easier. Create long-term relationships with successful alumni who want to see you succeed. Improve your professional profile and broaden your access to opportunities.


 Explore the different career opportunities available to you and the pathway to a successful life once you hang up your boots. Although not currently available, RCAN is hoping to create internship opportunities for driven young athletes.

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