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In collaboration with the Rugby Canada Players Association, the Rugby Canada Alumni Network was started to help players with developing their professional career while still playing for Rugby Canada. The Alumni and supporters of Rugby Canada are a group of passionate, generous and successful individuals who can use their knowledge to help guide young athletes in their career ambitions through RCAN. 

By providing learning opportunities athletes are able to apply the skills that they use on the field to create a meaningful career off the field. A wide range of professional development is available to athletes of Rugby Canada ranging from webinars to internship opportunities. 

Our goal

Seek mutually beneficial engagement between current and former players of the Rugby Canada Community. By facilitating these relationships and connections within the Rugby community, players can feel prepared for a life after rugby.


How does it work?

Players who are interesting in the network are asked to fill out a survey. The survey is used to get a better understanding of their personality and what career is of interest to them. We use the answers from the survey to connect the player appropriately to one of the alumni in our extensive database. From there the player can reach out to the supporter in an attempt to develop their professional career along side their rugby career


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